Prin. Dr. Sudhakarrao Jadhavar
M.Com, M.A., L.L.M., M.P.M., D.T.L.,
D.L.L. & L. W., G.D.C. & A., Ph. D.
Ex-Dean Faculty of Commerce,
Savitribai Phule Pune University
Member, Maharashtra Nursing Council
Maharashtra State
Adv. Shardul Sudhakarrao Jadhavar
B.Com., D.H.R.L., D.C.L., D.CP.L.,
DLL & L. W.,D.T.L., B.S.L., LL.B. (App.)

All the fields have to embrace change owing to the growing face of education. We believe that we are the people who provide opportunities to children to explore their talent and push them to their full potential. In our school we try to give quality education. We give exposure to children's creativity and provide equal opportunities to every child. Our education is based on an amalgamation of 'Indian Culture' and 'American Technology'. We are aware that these students are our country's future builders and leaders. It is our aim to make them responsible, strong, wise and caring global citizens.